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How Many Style of Rhinestones in China?

In China , Generally speaking ,  There are five kinds of rhinestones, which are hot fix rhinestone , Flatback rhinestone,sew on rhinestone , sew on rhinestone with claw and Rhinestone chain .  The following picture will show the details.

1. Hot fix rhinestone

Swarovski SWAROVSKI hot fix rhinestone originating from the south bank of the Rhine River in Austria are the highest quality hot diamonds in the world, because they are produced in Austria, they are also called Austrian diamonds. The latest product is 14 slices.

PRECIAOSA produced in the Czech Republic on the north bank of the Rhine is second only to Austrian diamonds, also known as Czech diamonds. The main difference is: Austrian Diamond uses gray-green glue, while PRECIOSA uses white rubber bottom. Mostly 8-10 slices.

2.Flatback rhinestone

This flatback rhinstone is not like a hot fix rhinestone that can be ironed on clothing accessories. Its back flat drill has no hot melt, which can be used for nail art and mobile phone decoration.

3.Sew on rhinestone

This kind of hand-sewn rhinestone is used for sewing,also known as straight-hole hand-sewn drill. Usually the bottom is flat with one or more holes.

4.Sew on rhinestone with claw

This sew on rhinestone with claw.It has various shapes,such as horse eye,water drop,ellipse,pentacle and so on.

5.Rhinestone chain

Rhinestone chain is generally divided into coarse drill chain and fine drill chain according to the thickness, and is divided into dense claw chain and thin claw chain according to the degree of density.

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Source: Oleeya Factory

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