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What are the other main uses of rhinestones?

Rhinestone (crystal, rhinestone) is also known as crystal diamond, rhinestone. The main component is crystal glass, which is a kind of jewelry accessory obtained by cutting artificial crystal glass into diamond facets. This material is economical and has a diamond-like eye-catching visual effect. Therefore, rhinestones are generally used in mid-range jewelry designs. In addition, rhinestones are also a kind of power tool. The scientific name of rhinestones is diamond drill with water source, or diamond drill for short. It should be because of its solid material and many other uses.

What are the other main uses of rhinestones?

Household: air conditioner holes, water heater holes, bathroom heater holes, range hood holes, exhaust fan holes, gas pipe holes, upper and lower water holes, floor drain holes, toilet holes, heating holes, water pipe holes, wall hole holes, chimney holes, etc. , The hole with diameter of Ф1mm-Ф25mm can be drilled directly. It can also drill in rows according to needs.

Project: New openings and windows in concrete load-bearing walls. Drill holes for various types of air conditioners, range hoods, water heaters, etc. Opening holes for ventilation ducts, drilling holes for fire-fighting ducts, opening holes for wire ducts, wall demolition, floor demolition, blasting drilling, reinforcement drilling.... Ф1mm-Ф25mm holes can be drilled directly. It can also drill in rows according to needs. It can directly drill holes and pass-through holes of various specifications and sizes.

what are the main characters of rhinestone

1.Accurate size and high construction accuracy;

2.No vibration, no noise, no dust, meeting environmental protection requirements;

3.No damage to surrounding structures, no need to repair;

4.The equipment is small in size, flexible to use, and has a wide range of applications;

What are the applicable scope of rhinestones?

1.Drill holes in underground protective fences and continuous walls; drill holes in reinforced concrete such as floors, roads, dams, tunnels, and bridges;

2.Drilling holes on the cement surface of piping for electrical appliances, telephones, air conditioners, gas, drainage, fire fighting, sanitary appliances, etc.;

3.Drilling and installation of various anchor bolts;

Fixed cement surface drilling of various large equipment;

Use advanced diamond drilling machines and cutting equipment to quickly drill and open holes in concrete, stone, and brick walls.

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