2088 style 16 cut facets non hot fix rhienstones

  • Product Item:2088 NHF P31 Crystal ab
  • Category: A1 2088(8+8) Non HF rhinestones
  • Grade: 16 cut facets Non hot fix rhinestones
  • Material: Crystal/Glass
  • Size: SS10/SS16/SS20/SS30
  • Color: Over 60 colors
  • Product Manual:2088 style 16 cut facets flat back non hot fix crystal rhinestones is the highest quatliy in China market. It can be used for wedding dress, leotard, bikini, fashion garment, shoes, bags. And also ca
NEW Imitation Swarovski flat back non hot fix nail art  strass.

We are the 1st factory in China market who producing New Design China Swarovski 2088 cut (8+8) rhinestones.

Rhinestones Technique: Flat back NON hot fix crystal rhinestone

Feature:Extremely Shiny. High index of refraction!!!

No Bubble,dazzling brightness, strong glue, low defect, clear edge & corner,machine cut, high index of refraction

Product Advantages:

A.Diamond drill machine cut, 16 facets evenly distributed,cutting technology skills.

B.Using the German low temperature glue,easy iron ,Layer solid, sticky strongly

C.Crystal Pure unadulterated shiny , uniform particles integrity, fewer defects.

Oleeya factory 2088(8 big 8 small cuts)advantages:
(1) Factory direct sales
(2) High quality with competitive price.
(3) Fullest colors for choice
(4) LOW MOQ. Accept trial order
(5) Large stock for fast delivery

(6) Good after sale service

Now we already produced SS16, SS20 All colors and AB colors as follow color chart.

To support our customers business well. We already lowed our mass production MOQ.

Why we are different from other China Suppliers??  That is the Key Points.

Because we make progress everyday!  Innovation is our facory maintence.
No Matter how other suppliers copied in different price and quality,
we know our market well and keep the most favaroble advantage for our VIP customers.
*This is wholesale platform! We are factory,can produce full sizes & over 60 colors!

*Reputable factory in China market!!

* Glass Hot fix Rhinestones Quality levels my factory can do below:
A1.2088 style( 8+8 cut facets)
: with German Intensive glue. (Strong & Fresh in new market!
Oleeya Recommend!)
A2.2058 style(7+7 cuts facets) : with German Intensive glue.( Passed soon,be replaced by A1.)
A3.2028 style (AAAAA same cut facets): with German Intensive glue. (Hot sale. Better than A4 & DMC.
Oleeya Recommend!)
A4. 2028 (AAAA same cut facets)
: same as market other suppliers copied, ( No better than A3, but it is better than DMC)

B. DMC quality ,
China glue pack in big package (better than AA.but decide on market!)
C. AA korean quality,
China glue pack in big package (Not recommend, but decide on market!)

*Glass Non Hot fix Rhinestones Quality levels my factory can do below:
A1.2088 style( 8+8 cut facets) : with Golden Shadow bottom. (Strong & Fresh in new market! Oleeya Recommend!)
A2.2058 style(7+7 cuts facets) : ( Passed soon,be replaced by A1.)
AAA ( same cut facets): with Golden Shadow bottom. (only crystal&crystal AB color.Oleeya Recommend!)
A3. 2028 : with Silver Shadow bottom.( No better than AAA, but it is hot sale.Favorable price with stable quality,Oleeya Recommend!)

B. same as market (other suppliers copied),cheap price.(not recomment,but decide on market)

*If you need our factory Wholesale price with ensured quality& after-service.
Welcome to contact us.Thank you!:)

My Dear friends,

This is my factory wholesale website, it is not retail store, we won't show price on this web.Pls kindly note.Thanks.
Wholesale order process:

We have 4 online retail stores. If you need trial or small orders,pls also contact me.I can send you links for onling shopping.Thanks.:)

Many thanks for your kindly attention and support.
We are trying to become the NO.1 rhinestone supplier in China.
Let's win the future together ! Brilliant Life! Thanks.
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