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Q: What is Hot fix ?

A: Hot fix is a Fashion Garment Accessory that can be fixed on clothes such as garments,jeans, bags, scarves, hats,shoes, etc. through thermal conduction.
If maximizes the quality,varies the style and differentiates from normal pattern as adhered to the garment items.
The typical Hotfixs are Rhinestone,Rhinestud and nailhead.

Q: What is the difference of hot fix and non hot fix nail art flat back rhinestone? They look same?
A: yes, they look same but the difference is; hot fix rhinestone has hot melt glue on back for heat transfer motif.

it can be ironed on garment accessories.But flat back rhinestone no hot melt on back.it's used on nail art,cases,iphone decoration.etc.

Q: What is Hot fix Tape?
A: Hot fix Tape roll is an Adhesive Film used to fix Hotfix for better application on clothes.

Some people call it Heat Transfer Tape since it helps transfer Hotfix to be fixed on clothes.

Q: What quality of hot fix rhinestone you have? Chinese,korean, preciosa or swarovski?

A: Imitation Swarovski Glass Hot fix Rhinestones Quality levels as follows :
A1.2088 style( 8+8 cut facets) : with German Intensive glue. (Strong & Fresh in new market!
Oleeya Recommend!)
A2.2058 style(7+7 cuts facets) : with German Intensive glue.( Passed soon,be replaced by A1.)
A3.2028 style (AAAAA same cut facets): with German Intensive glue. (Hot sale. Better than A4 & DMC.Oleeya Recommend!)
A4. 2028 (AAAA same cut facets):
same as market other suppliers copied, ( No better than A3, but it is better than DMC)
B. DMC quality ,
China glue pack in big package (better than AA.
but decide on market!)

C. AA korean quality,China glue pack in big package (Not recommend, but decide on market!)

Q: What quality of flatback non hot fix rhinestone you have?
A: Glass Non Hot fix Rhinestones Quality levelss follows:
A1.2088 style( 8+8 cut facets) : with Golden Shadow bottom. (Strong & Fresh in new market! Oleeya Recommend!)
A2.2058 style(7+7 cuts facets) : ( Passed soon,be replaced by A1.)
AAA ( same cut facets): with Golden Shadow bottom. (Oleeya Recommend!)
A3. 2028 : with Silver Shadow bottom.( No better than AAA, but it is hot sale.Favorable price with stable quality,Oleeya Recommend!)

B. same as market (other suppliers copied),cheap price.(not recomment,but decide on market)

A: It is proper to apply Hotfix in temperature 170~190 centigrade for 10~15 seconds by
pressing machine. However, it wholly depends on the item type, item size, machine type,
cloth type, etc. since there is no standard to use Hotfix items. So it is important to make

your own manual per the cloth and machine type you use.

Q: Can I get a SAMPLE or a COLOR CHART?
A: For Hotfix or Non hot fix item Yes, we can send free with your orders.
For some other items that need spend much material, we need take sample
If you only need sample or color chart, please let us know your full address and exactly phone number,
we could send you our quality samples and color chart.

but shipment charge need pay by you. Thanks.

Q: Why we charge sample fee ?
A:  My company supply over 10 rhinestones items now. and try best to improve & perfect our color chart.
We arrange workers handmade the charts each lot. It spent much time and cost. Do you think is it worthwhile? Thanks.

But if you become our Five- Star VIP regular customers. We will send all free.Thanks.:)

Q: Do you have any test report of products?
A: Yes, we have SGS certification.

B: We also had the local testing certifications.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: It's depends on each item. For normal items, we always keep large stock in warehouse. normal lead time: 3 working days.
But my shipping department shortest delivery is 1~3 days.Very fast delvery.

Let's test it.:)

Q: What is your Minimum order quantity?
A: Hot fix and non hot fix rhinestones:  minimum order quantity is 10 bags per size/color;
Glass sew on stones: 500pcs per shape/size/color;
Gass sew on stones with claw: 500pcs per shape/size/color;

Other items will confirm when you send us inquiry and quote. Thanks.:)

Q: Do you have catalog every month?

A: No, we haven't.our website to be our showroom and catalog.
We are constantly adding new products to our product line and this makes a printed catalog impossible to maintain.

Q: How to control the quality in your factory?
A: Our professional QC team will check the quality when the products are

off product line, also, we have systemic RMA Policy for returns.

Q: Do you have new items always?

A: Yes, every month we will add new items on our website.
When you send us inquiry,pls write Correct Email Address & Contact Information,we can contact you on time! Thanks.

Q: What's your payment method?
A: Bank Transfers, Western Union,Alibaba Trade Assurance, Paypal etc.
If any suggests,pls kindly let me know.Thanks.:)

Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are Real Factory. Most of Trading company buy from us and resell. Copy my factory real photos.Why not contact me directly?  We are professional on trading business.Factory price.Best service . Quality ensured.
We also trading some products. because sometimes customers place orders for our product, but they also need another items.then constantly we are go in this or that business side, then in those areas, we are trading company. but, after so many years, we have very good connection with factories.

Hope we can work for you well.

Oleeya, Your better choice!

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