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What is a Rhinestone?

When we buy jewelry in some small shops, we often find that there are many small gems for decoration.

If you ask what material it is, the merchant will usually tell you it is a rhinestone.

"What is a rhinestone?"

"Rhinestones are broken diamonds." The merchant will answer you like that.

So over time, many people think that rhinestones are broken diamond ,which are worthless.

So, is this really the case? Today I will explain these two concepts to everyone.

What is rhinestone? Are rhinestones diamonds?

In fact, rhinestones and broken diamonds are two completely different things, and they may even differ greatly

in price.

If you can’t distinguish this concept, it’s easy to spend some wronged money in the process of buying jewelry .
So today, we will tell you in detail what is the difference between the two.

What is a broken diamond?

Broken diamonds do not mean broken diamonds, just small particles. The broken diamonds used for inlay are
divided into
single-reverse drills and foot-reverse drills. SLR diamonds have 17-18 facets, while foot-reverse diamonds have
57-58 facets
like large diamonds. So even a broken diamond is a complete diamond. Generally, diamonds below 10 points can
be called broken diamonds.

It is often said that small diamonds are worthless. In fact, this is relative. Of course, a single small diamond cannot
sell for a high price.
But when used for group setting and pavé setting, all need high magnification microscope manual setting,
the process cost is not low,
the dosage is also very large, it is very common for the setting cost to exceed 10,000.

Therefore, the price of jewelry set with diamonds is definitely not worthless as many people think. It is only used for
jewelry inlays and
will not be used in jewelry, clothing, shoes and bags as large as rhinestones. Nor will there be cases where local
tyrants fill up cars
and stairs with broken diamonds.

What is rhinestone?

The full name of rhinestone is actually called crystal diamond, but it is neither crystal nor diamond, but refers to all
diamond-like materials.
There are several common materials for rhinestones, including glass, artificial crystal, topaz, zircon, synthetic
cubic zirconia, etc.
Most of the jewelry you see in boutiques is made of rhinestones. There are many local tyrants' decorations, similar
to cars and stairs.

Sports car studded with rhinestones

It is not only called rhinestones, but can also be called Austrian diamonds, Czech diamonds, Korean diamonds,
domestically produced A diamonds,
domestically produced B diamonds, etc., so we said that when buying jewellery and jade, all jewellery names
with prefixes must be added. Be careful,
because it is likely to confuse the audiovisual name, but the actual material is quite worthless.

The color and quality of rhinestones are different, and the luster will also be quite different. For example,
the luster of Czech diamonds can be maintained for three years, while some rhinestones appear to have no luster,
just a transparent object.

This principle is a bit like the "crystal" concept in business. It does not refer to the natural crystals we are familiar with,
but a special type of bright glass used in artificial jewelry. For example, the crystal cups and crystal lamps we often say
are not cups and lamps made of natural crystal, but synthetic glass. Because of the addition of metal elements,
the performance of this kind of glass will be better than natural glass. One of the most typical examples is
Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals are actually lead glass, which is particularly bright because of the addition of lead.

Therefore, Swarovski crystals are considered the best among rhinestones, with excellent cuts and dazzling brilliance.
But don't say that Swarovski sells fakes. People never say that they sell natural crystals. Its selling point is craftsmanship
and design.

It's just that merchants will blur this concept when they are sold in the market, making people mistakenly think that this is
a natural crystal or even a real diamond.

What is zircon? Is zircon a rhinestone?

I always think that zircon is a handmade fake diamond.

Do you think so too?

The zircon is blackened by synthetic cubic zirconia. In fact, zircon is excellent in all aspects of hardware.

Zircon is actually a natural gem.Zircon is probably the most wronged gem in the world. I don't know when people began to
call all imitation diamonds zircon, thinking that zircon was synonymous with imitation diamonds and rhinestones,
and when they heard zircon they immediately shook their heads and left.

But what most people don't know is that zircon is actually a very good natural gemstone. In terms of gem characteristics,
it is better than many popular gemstones. This kind of gem is worthy of our pursuit, but it has become a "crossing mouse."

Why does zircon become synonymous with "rhinestone" in everyone's mouth?

Because in previous years, the most commonly used material on the market to imitate diamonds was synthetic cubic zirconia,
also known as Soviet diamonds. It is a synthetic material that can synthesize various colors, and its hardness and fire color
are very close to diamonds.

Synthetic cubic zirconia in various colors
This material is well-known to the majority of consumers as a counterfeit of diamonds, but the name of synthetic
cubic zirconia is too long, and it is called ‘zircon’.

Over time, “zircon” has become synonymous with all imitation diamonds, and as a natural gemstone,
it has appeared less and less in everyone’s sight, and even when everyone hears it is “zircon”, they are sure
Think this is the rhinestone.

In fact, zircon is a natural product in nature, with a hardness of 6-7.5, which is comparable to many popular gems.
Common colors are yellow, brown, red, blue, etc., and the luster is from diamond luster to glass luster.
The dispersion value is 0.038, which puts many gems underfoot, so strong dispersion is a highlight of zircon.
The cut zircon looks full of fire, even not inferior to the brilliance of diamonds.

Choose the Rhinestones Suitable for you

Regardless of the diversified options of the rhinestones, choosing the proper rhinestones for you is the most important.
For instance, if you need them on the fabrics, you can choose sew-on collections and Hot Fix kinds.
If it is more of a high-end project, Swarovski will be a great fit. On the other hand, acrylic rhinestones
will be a great choice for the mass project on a budget.

We would suggest you choose the rhinestones based on how you want to apply the stones, the style you are going and the budget.
Oleeya is a professional manufacturer of rhinestones with a history of more than 20 years. We provide rhinestones in a variety of
materials and styles. Visit our product page to find more styles!
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